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Domaine Emmanuel Rouget

Photo courtesy: LRVF

It is not possible to talk about Domaine Emmanuel Rouget without mentioning the legendary Burgundian winemaker, Henri Jayer who is famous for introducing important innovations to Burgundian winemaking. 

He is noted for his wines from the premier cru Cros-Parantoux - a very small vineyard (only 1.01 heactares) of Vosne-Romanée at a high altitude above the famous grand cru vineyard Richebourg. This vineyard at the time had low reputation and was considered too much work and not worth bothering with. The soil consisted of very thin layer of clay limestone sitting on a bed of rock. Jayer understood early that these conditions made up for a very good natural and fresh acidity in wines. 

In collaboration with Madame Noirot-Camuzet, who owned the vineyard, Jayer took care of her vineyards and for that was offered to keep half of the harvest for himself. As is the custom of Burgundy, Jayer bought piece by piece through the years of this vineyard from the Camuzet family and in 1978 he was convinced that the quality was right and decided to produce his first 100% cros-parantoux wines.

In 1979, Emmanuel Rouget was hired to work at the estate of Henri Jayer, his uncle. In 1985, the nephew produced his first wine, then gradually resume the vineyards of the iconic winemaker of Vosne-Romanée, who died in 2006 - including the famous Cros Parantoux. Emmanuel Rouget is probably the only true heir of Jayer's style, his wine is elegant and distinguished, and the complexity grows with time. He allows aging longer on lees, without racking, so the wines can gain more thickness and depth.

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