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Free delivery for purchases over HK$1000

Domaine Bertagna

Since its inception in 1940 by Claude Bertagna, Domaine Bertagna has undergone a long and steady progress and become a proprietaire with one of the most significant possessions of Vougeot vineyards.

No domaine can claim to be a serious property in the village without a presence in the walled vineyards of Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru. Domaine Bertagna boasts 0.31 hectares of the famed Clos among scores of owners, and makes the first rows of horizontally planted vines (to the Route N74) on the upper side of the Clos, “a really lovely parcel”. Opposite to the Clos lies a monopole vineyard of the domaine, Clos de la Perrières, characterised by some of the most rugged and rocky terrain in the village. The perfumed wines of the domaine resemble the elegance and charm of the domaine owner, Madame Eva-Siddle Reh, who often likes to serve her pure and seductive white wines after all the greatest reds.

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